It’s not that hard to work abs

Pick an exercise. Alternate between upper abs (crunches, ab wheel), lower abs (leg raises, hanging leg raises) or obliques (side crunches, planks). Do 4 sets, start at 8 reps (or 30 seconds), work your way up to 4 sets of 15 reps (or 60 seconds). Do this at the end of every workout!


Monday – Upper Abs

Tuesday – Lower Abs

Thursday – Obliques

Friday – Upper Abs

Its not that complicated!

Its not that hard to gain weight

Seriously get a calorie counter app like my fitness pal. Add your weight and goal. Set it to .5 lb per week. Set macros to 40% carbs 30% protien 30% fat. Eat real food and a protein shake or two with creatine and peanut butter. Lift some fucking weights. Thats it!

What I learned from following a high volume training program for 4 weeks

So I was following this program called 90 days to built by Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. I signed up for his email list and he just started sending this program which would simulate 90 days of training with him as he is a personal trainer.

So the program is basically 4 lifting days split into 2 upper body and two lower body workouts, 2 cardio days and 1 day off. For the lifting days you follow a higher calorie high carb diet for the cardio days you follow low calorie low-carb high-fat diet and for your day off is a full 24 hours of fasting.

Each weight training workout consisted of five exercises for 5 sets each with reps I between 8 to 15, sometimes 20 reps.

So what did I learn?

1. My conditioning is shit. I’ve lifted weights off an on for almost 20 years but never stuck with it or followed through with a proper diet on top of smoking for 20+ years. I’ve mostly dabbled between programs and never really done such high volume.

2. I’m not as strong as I thought I was. Doing 15 sometimes 20 reps per set is fucking grueling. 

3. Fasting is hard. Ice done some IF but the full 24 hours fast I couldn’t handle. I broke down a few times even on the low calorie days.

4. It’s not really that hard to track your calories and macros. I used to think it would be hard to eat 30-40% protien but once you start tracking your food you actually get a decent idea of what kinds of foods you need to eat.

Before this program I dabbled between stronglifts and a few others. I found with stronglifts I got too fat and maxed out too soon on my weights, and I blew out my elbows going for a 5×5 max. Doing a lot of volume may be exhausting but it felt easier on my joints and my muscles were actually getting harder and tighter. 

I’m actually starting a new program by the same guy based on a 70s bodybuilding style bulking program and I’d like to do a slow bulk to gain another 10lbs and maybe try to recomp from there.

It gets frustrating sometimes trying to build a new body because it takes a long time. There are no quick fixes or miracle diets. It takes patience, discipline, perseverance and a plan. I’m looking at this whole thing like a newbie again and I’m in it for the long game. This is a lifestyle choices for me not just something I pick up and do once in a while.

How to make the best coffee for a fraction of the cost of Starbucks or Tim Hortons 

One thing I love is a great cup of coffee.  Especially strong coffee, so let’s make some. 

Tools required:

Stove top espresso maker 

I got this baby at Canadian Tire for about 15 dollars.  It’s probably the one of the best things I’ve spent 15 dollars on in my life. I bought it 7 months ago and I use it every day.

Coffee grinder 

I got mine given to me.  Do fresh ground beans make a difference.  It depends….


Coffee beans 

I got this bag from Safeway it’s about 16 dollars. It’s twice the size as the Starbucks beans at half the price. I live strong coffee and I love espresso. This one is a medium dark. It’s got a rich flavor and a good kick.


Good water = good coffee. Use  filtered cold water. 


You could also make it a latte by adding milk to the water before you boil. 


If only…….

“If only” statements are your excuses.

If only I had “this relationship”, my life would be better.

If only I had “this car”, I would be happier.

If only, I had done better in school, I would have more money.

If only I wasn’t so shy, people would like me.

If only I hadn’t married “this girl”, my life wouldn’t be such a mess.

“If only” statements rob you of your power. They feel good because they allow us to blame our circumstances on something else instead of taking responsibility.

There is no power in avoiding responsibility.  There will always be something stopping you or holding you back.

Instead how about switching your thoughts to “what if” questions?

What if I  started my own business on the side?

What if I started eating a little bit healthier each day?

What if I decided to join a gym and take charge of my body?

What if I decided to take more risks socially and allow people to reject me?

What if I decided to live my life on my own terms?

“What if” questions can inspire you to see what’s possible and take action. We have to see if before we can achieve it.

Now that’s power!

Mantras to clear karma, attract wealth and love.

What are mantras? 

“A “Mantra” (/ˈmæntrə, ˈmɑːn, ˈmʌn/ (Sanskrit: मंत्र);[2]) is a sacred utterance, a sound, a syllable, word , or group of words in  believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. ”  – Wikipedia

It is believed certain Sanskrit sounds or phrases can attract certain qualities or outcomes – similar to the using law of attraction.

There are a few ways to use mantras. One way is to write out a mantra a certain number of times on a piece of paper, or chanting a mantra several times while mediating, or listening to a recordings or YouTube videos of other chanting, or repeating a mantra several times a day over a certain amount of days.

Popular mantras to use

Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivayanama

This mantra is supposed to clear bad Karma. It is good to use before using other mantras to make them more effective.


This mantra is supposed to bring material wealth


This mantra is supposed to attract love. It’s supposed to be for men to attract women.


My experience
I’ve used these and have experienced some short term results.

Happy chanting and good luck manifesting!