Building a Home Gym

This last year I recently  moved into a new home. Part of the reason I bought the place was that it had the perfect space for a home gym.

Why build a home gym in the first place?

  • You save money on expensive gym rates
  • You save time travelling
  • You can workout whenever you want
  • You don’t have to wait for benches or machines
  • You don’t have to deal with losers at the gym
  • You save time period

What to buy


  • A power rack
    With a power rack you don’t need a spotter for squats or bench presses and can also be used for chin ups.
  • A set of olympic weights
    At least 300lbs, rubber coated to protect your floor
  • A weight bench
    One that’s at least rated for 500lbs with the user. A flat bench is great but you get more use out of an adjustable incline/decline bench

These 3 pieces alone are enough to get you started on building a great body and strength with the five main basic exercises; squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, rows and overhead pressing


  • Dumbbell handles with collars
    Eventually you’re going to want to do some isolation exercises, such as; flyes, dumbbell curls, lateral raises, etc.
  • Specialty Bars
    Some bars make it easier to do certain moves because you can grab the bar at different angles e.g. EZ curl bar, Triceps bar,
  • Rack Attachments
    Some racks have available cable attachments and dip attachments for additional exercises
  • Punching Bag/Wavemaster
    What gym is complete without a punching bag to beat out your frustrations and practice your moves. Punching bags are great cardio!
  • Treadmill/Elliptical Trainer
    Also great if you can find a good deal. I haven’t been able to add one yet but it’s definitely on the list! Treadmills are always going on sale! Keep an eye out. I might get a used one if the price is right.

So there you have it. My basic set-up cost me under $1,000. It’s already paid itself off in time saved traveling and the convenience of working out whenever I want.

If you have the space and some extra cash why not invest in yourself? The rewards of working out and taking care of yourself are literally priceless.


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