If only…….

“If only” statements are your excuses.

If only I had “this relationship”, my life would be better.

If only I had “this car”, I would be happier.

If only, I had done better in school, I would have more money.

If only I wasn’t so shy, people would like me.

If only I hadn’t married “this girl”, my life wouldn’t be such a mess.

“If only” statements rob you of your power. They feel good because they allow us to blame our circumstances on something else instead of taking responsibility.

There is no power in avoiding responsibility.  There will always be something stopping you or holding you back.

Instead how about switching your thoughts to “what if” questions?

What if I  started my own business on the side?

What if I started eating a little bit healthier each day?

What if I decided to join a gym and take charge of my body?

What if I decided to take more risks socially and allow people to reject me?

What if I decided to live my life on my own terms?

“What if” questions can inspire you to see what’s possible and take action. We have to see if before we can achieve it.

Now that’s power!

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