It’s not that hard to work abs

Pick an exercise. Alternate between upper abs (crunches, ab wheel), lower abs (leg raises, hanging leg raises) or obliques (side crunches, planks). Do 4 sets, start at 8 reps (or 30 seconds), work your way up to 4 sets of 15 reps (or 60 seconds). Do this at the end of every workout!


Monday – Upper Abs

Tuesday – Lower Abs

Thursday – Obliques

Friday – Upper Abs

Its not that complicated!

Its not that hard to gain weight

Seriously get a calorie counter app like my fitness pal. Add your weight and goal. Set it to .5 lb per week. Set macros to 40% carbs 30% protien 30% fat. Eat real food and a protein shake or two with creatine and peanut butter. Lift some fucking weights. Thats it!