How to make the best coffee for a fraction of the cost of Starbucks or Tim HortonsĀ 

One thing I love is a great cup of coffee.  Especially strong coffee, so let’s make some. 

Tools required:

Stove top espresso maker 

I got this baby at Canadian Tire for about 15 dollars.  It’s probably the one of the best things I’ve spent 15 dollars on in my life. I bought it 7 months ago and I use it every day.

Coffee grinder 

I got mine given to me.  Do fresh ground beans make a difference.  It depends….


Coffee beans 

I got this bag from Safeway it’s about 16 dollars. It’s twice the size as the Starbucks beans at half the price. I live strong coffee and I love espresso. This one is a medium dark. It’s got a rich flavor and a good kick.


Good water = good coffee. Use  filtered cold water. 


You could also make it a latte by adding milk to the water before you boil.