How I finally quit smoking, using e-cigarettes when everything else failed

I’ve smoked since I  was 16 years old. I actually had my first smoke when I was 10 but actually smoking since I was 16. That’s over half my life. I can’t even put a price tag on how much I’ve spent but it would be a fortune.

Recently I’ve quit. I switched over to e-cigarette in the last couple of years but I always went back to having a smoke as soon as I ran out of juice. I really didn’t feel much better from vaping and some juices actually made me sick. I had get off of the vape too if I wanted to be truly smoke free.

So here’s what I  did. I started with a relatively strong juice and each time I ran out I would be a weaker juice. So I started with a juice with about 12mg nicotine and when I ran out I bought the 6mg, the 3mg, the 1.5mg until I was eventually down to the 0mg juice.

When I ran out of the 0mg juice I put my vape away. That’s it! Now I do get a few cravings still but from my experience it is way easier to quit from vaping than straight from smoking.

The thing is I have to remember that smoking is an addiction and I have to treat it as one. If I have even one puff of a smoke or an e-cig I’ll be right back to where I was.